HOLD SOAP (3-pack)

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All-natural soaps made from real vegetables grown and harvested by teams of people with and without intellectual disabilities working together at Donggubat Farms in South Korea. For more information, visit http://holdsoap.com

All profit from 3-pack soap sales through this site benefit Special Olympics Southern California athletes.

Calm Rose/Clear Magnolia/Moist Camellia 3-Pack

Calm Rose - Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Lettuce Powder, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Damascene Flower Essential Oil, Chromium Oxide Powder (Green). 

Clear Magnolia - Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Laurel Oil, Castor Oil, Peanut Oil, Kale Powder, Lavender Essential Oil, Magnolia Kobus Flower Essential Oil, Pink Clay (Pink). 

Moist Camellia -  Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Oil, Basil Powder, Basil Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Camellia Sinensis Essential Oil, Violet Powder (Violet).